Our workshops provide practical guidance in a group format to simplify the writing process so that anyone can confidently teach writing


Our parent/teacher workshops are designed to equip adults and advanced students to implement and/or teach essential writing skills. Unfortunately most writing “curriculum” covers so much material, the essentials end up getting lost in the mix. As a result, teaching writing becomes burdensome and overwhelming for most people.  The material that we cover in our workshops focuses on the essentials: organization through proper prewriting; correct and interesting writing through grammar and style; and logical, intelligent content based on critical thinking and analysis. Our workshops include approximately 6 hours of instruction and a syllabus. See our currently scheduled workshops.



Because writing is subjective in nature, it is difficult for parents and teachers to discern what the essentials are. Regardless of a student’s age, basic writing skills MUST be taught, understood, and mastered. It is an absolute tragedy that the vast majority of students entering both higher education as well as many entering a career DO NOT know how to write properly. Trust me when I say, “Everyone can learn this. Everyone can master the basics of good quality writing.” But first, we must identify the essentials: that’s where we come in!



Our workshops focus on teaching basic writing skills: Organization, Grammar and Style, and Content.

At first glance, these appear to be broad and general components of writing, but in our workshops, we address very specific strategies for understanding each component. Not only do we teach you what the essentials are, but we also provide very practical suggestions for how you may teach and evaluate your student’s writing. Our writing checklist is only one page long and it works for basically all types of compositions. (See writing checklist under “resources”.)



While this workshop is tailored for teachers (including parent teachers), we also welcome students who are advanced writers. The teaching will move quickly, so advanced students will benefit from attending. Even if you are not your child’s primary writing instructor, you will benefit from this material both personally and as a tutor for your children.



Check the dates and locations of our currently scheduled workshops. If we don’t have one scheduled, or if you don’t find one that meets your needs, please contact me about hosting a workshop. To host a workshop you simply secure a location and invite your friends. If you are interested in attending one of the workshops listed, simply respond to the contact person listed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.



Some of our workshops also include instruction in literary analysis. Literature is a wonderful tool to use when teaching writing, and it is also an essential skill for students to learn and master. Sadly, like writing, teaching literary analysis is often neglected or even overlooked altogether. Because many students rarely even read whole books, and because literary analysis requires deep thinking, it is often avoided by parents, teachers, and students. Even for those students who gobble up books, they rarely study the book. But the reality is that an in-depth study of a great book becomes “an experience” – not just a read. And when students learn how to read analytically, they begin to think deeply!