I would not be able to come close to teaching them at home what they’re learning in this writing class with you – plus, I’m learning too! You and all the teachers are a real blessing and I will continue sending my children to you as long as I can. Our family finds this class extremely valuable. Thank you for giving your time and energy to our kids!
— Leslie H.

My educational supervisor at South Sutter Charter School recommended Kris Cordell’s writing class because she had graded writing tests for the school and she had noticed that the very best writing samples school wide always came from Kris Cordell’s students.

I currently have four children attending Kris Cordell’s writing class. Not only have I been thoroughly impressed with their academic progress, but I am especially pleased that they are all able to do all the assignments independently. Many times in public schools, my children have been given writing assignments that the teacher had not prepared them for in class. I had to sit down and walk them through the assignment and practically do it for them.

In contrast, the writing instruction in Kris Cordell’s class prepares my children for their assignments so well that I have never had to help them with their homework or presentations. They are able to work completely independently. Because of that, my kid’s have incredible confidence in their own writing abilities. When my children give speeches or presentations for church or other classes they have no problem preparing their own material. I highly recommend Kris Cordell’s writing class!
— Hannah J.

Our oldest daughter started taking Writing with Kris classes in 6th grade. The repeated process of brainstorming, outlining and completing short essays caused her to consolidate her thoughts and learn to write only the most important, interesting information. We sent her to private school for High School where she scored A’s on all papers without any problems. Highly recommend!!
— Candace

I took Kris Cordell’s essay writing class to prepare for the writing portion of the C.H.S.P.E. (California High School Proficiency Exam). I was nervous about taking the class, but Mrs. Cordell was friendly and used an encouraging teaching style. I was able to take what I learned and pass my test. I recommend Mrs. Cordell to all my friends that are looking for a writing class.
— Hannah W.

During middle school, both of my daughters took English/Language Arts classes with Kris Cordell. We found Mrs. Cordell to be an excellent teacher, and my girls were very well prepared for high school with outstanding writing skills. Mrs. Cordell is kind, enthusiastic, and funny which makes learning enjoyable. I would highly recommend Mrs. Cordell.
— Deborah Z.

I wanted to let you know just how beneficial your method has been. I wish I had found your classes when the kids were younger, but better late than never!
— Missy H.