This is our advanced class, designed for high school students. The goal of this class is to continue providing the opportunity for students to master each step of the writing process as they learn to write five paragraph essays. In addition, students will gain confidence as they practice identifying many literary elements. All students will engage in lively discussions as they analyze what they have read and express what they have learned in their individual writing assignments.

Course Instruction Includes:


An in-depth look at a classic novel

For some students, this will be the highest level WWK class they will take. In this class, students will be challenged with an even higher level of reading analysis, including vocabulary, author’s writing style, and subject matter content. Novels read at this level are rich and challenging. They are classics, so they provide timeless themes for engaging discussions and writing prompts. The literature will challenge students to explore many different ideas. It will challenge them to think outside the box as they listen to peers and strive to understand new perspectives. Likewise, they will be challenged to find ways to successfully communicate their own ideas and perspectives to their classmates. Challenge is a key word for all WWK classes, and the Advanced class takes the challenge to a new level.

Literary Analysis through novel annotation

Students will learn to recognize key literary elements and stylistic writing techniques in the novel through underlining and annotations. As they read slowing and reflectively, they will make many notes in the margins of their novel. They will continue practicing summarizing and charting as they read to develop advanced study skills.

Literary Analysis through literary terms

Advanced students will continue learning to identify and analyze key literary elements identified in the Intermediate Writing class. When they complete a couple of years in the Advanced class, they should have an extensive understanding of literary terms. For a comprehensive list of literary terms, go to the “Resources” tab.

Literary Analysis through writing

Students will use specific examples from the novel to provide support for their individual writing assignments. They will write fewer yet lengthier essays at this level. They will be expected to rewrite until they received a satisfactory score for their essays. Literary analysis writing prompts will consistently require students to differentiate between "concrete details", which are facts, and "commentary sentences", which are opinions. They will practice correctly inserting quotes into their essays as they support their conclusions.

Focused writing instruction

The Advanced Writing class focuses on developing the five-paragraph essay. Even though students are writing lengthier essays, the emphasis continues to be on mastery. Students will continue practicing all writing steps and strategies taught in previous classes as well as the following:

  • Fully developing a topic by writing multiple paragraphs

  • Following the essay format of an introduction with a hook, a strong thesis, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph

  • Providing specific examples from the novel to support assertions

  • Explaining the examples with insightful commentary

  • Creating quality sentences by including many stylistic elements including strong vocabulary, varied sentence structure and length, adding figurative elements.

  • NOTE: At the Advanced Writing level, at least one semester each school year, students will be required to write a research paper for their enrichment project. The research paper will in some way be related to the novel they are studying.


A creative enrichment project

Since we have the benefit of studying one book for 12 weeks, we are able to create a unit study based on the book. This means that students “experience” the book”; they don’t simply “read” it. Throughout the course of the class, approximately 3-4 weeks will be spent exploring various subjects related to the book. During the final class session, students will have the opportunity to present either a creative writing project or a research paper on a topic related to the novel. At least one semester each school year, students at the Advanced Writing level will complete a research paper for their enrichment writing project. The project includes three components: a written composition, an oral presentation, and a visual aid. Students, parents, and family members are welcomed members of the audience for this final presentation.

Necessary skills for students in the Advanced Writing class:

  • Able to read complex novels with challenging vocabulary and mature content

  • Annotate consistently and thoroughly as well as charting information

  • Familiar with literary analysis writing and correctly weaving quotes into essay

  • Shows a degree of mastery writing a 3 body paragraph essay

  • Ready to learn how to write a research paper

  • Shows evidence of time management skills

  • Able to complete 5-6 hours of homework weekly

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